Compensate your Wi-Fi NICs

Compensate your survey Wi-Fi Adapter! When a WLAN engineer Designs or Validates a Wi-Fi network they typically do this using ONLY a Survey software tool and its supported enterprise Wi-Fi Network Interface Card (NIC). I see many WLAN engineers do this. I do it. There is nothing wrong with this method however, there is a […]

Next generation backup and disaster recovery

Data backup is an important topic for all businesses and any form of data loss could be critical. Did you know that 50% of businesses currently don’t have a continuity plan and 43% will not reopen after suffering major data loss? Traditional backup solutions all have the same fundamental problem in that they form a […]

RRM Design – Putting it into Perspective

An interesting debate rages about wether or not enabling an Auto RF feature, such as Radio Resource Management (RRM), is a good thing to do. RRM does get its fair share of bad press but at the same time it’s no silver bullet either. The theory behind RRM is a good one; “dynamically adjust RF […]

Decrypting Cisco Type 7 Passwords

Type 7 encryption is used within Cisco IOS to cipher some clear text passwords within the configuration output. This is a weak form of encryption and is enabled on all type zero passwords with command set “service password-encryption”. There are many online resources and apps available that can immediately display the clear text value of […]

Basic Troubleshooting Commands of Cisco Firewalls

I find myself being contacted on a daily basis by engineers looking for assistance with firewalls and many simply do not know how to, or which commands, to perform during their initial fault assessment. The purpose of this blog is to document some of the most common commands I use when troubleshooting issues relating to […]